Get your computer in shape . . . ESSERCISE it!

Your Computer is Controlling You . . .
and Your Time!
    Avoid computer viruses
    Reduce junk e-mail
    Set usage controls
    Eliminate annoying pop-up ads
    Improve performance

Find out what's causing your computer problems!

Esser Consulting LLC helps computer users by educating them about the
"Dangers and Pitfalls of the Web™" and by providing quality consulting
services to solve their computer problems.

In addition to troubleshooting and performing software maintenance, Esser
Consulting LLC advises clients on how to buy a personal computer as well
as how to use software applications and e-mail programs. ECLLC also
conducts Internet research, and has developed a course entitled

Internet Privacy and Security - Dangers and Pitfalls of the Web™.

Surfing the Internet and using e-mail has become an everyday occurrence
for many people.
But computer users often don't know about the hidden
dangers of being online: viruses, worms, Trojan horse programs, junk e-mail,
Internet hoaxes, spyware / adware, fraud, identity theft, plus parental
concerns such as objectionable content and interacting with strangers.
These topics plus other issues are covered in the Internet Privacy and
Security - Dangers and Pitfalls of the Web™ course.

Curt Esser can write articles for monthly newsletters. Mr. Esser is also
available to speak to groups, as well as being available for on-site
consultation for both small business and residential customers

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