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Computer viruses, junk e-mail, annoying pop-up ads, adware / spyware, hoaxes, scams, fraud, ransomware and identity theft are just a few of the items that frustrate computer users and cost them billions of dollars annually. Unfortunately, these problems will continue to get worse in the future.

Esser Consulting LLC can speak to your organization, including Professional, Service and Parent-Teacher Organizations, about Internet Security and Privacy issues. Topics covered include:

  • How to avoid viruses
  • What to do to keep your computer maintained and secured.
  • How to reduce junk e-mail (including SPAM and Internet hoaxes)
  • Is someone monitoring your web surfing and collecting information about you and / or your computer without your knowledge?
  • Is online shopping or banking safe?
  • What parents should know about their children's computer usage.
  • The dangers when using Facebook and other social networking websites.


“This letter is written on behalf of the Fox Valley Technical College Senior Computer User Group.
Once again, we want to express our appreciation for your presentation explaining internet security, privacy and maintenance at our monthly general meeting on May 19th 2017.

  • Again, your presentation was a fast paced and detailed explanation of understanding the safety considerations of being on the internet.
  • Again, the group was very attentive for entire time.
  • Again, your manner of presentation was simply exceptional.
  • The handout was extremely helpful for us to use again.

Thank you again for generously sharing your time and knowledge with us.
Hope you will join us for another ten years.“

Albert Kudrle, Senior Computer User Group, Fox Valley Technical College

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